¿What services do we offer?

The following services will provide the necessary support for our clients to meet their expectations with us.



Chassis operation, operations services in the port of Ensenada, collection in terminals, contracts with shipping companies and chassis companies, collections in China, shipments to the USA and crossings to San Diego, import and export of tailings, Stepvan, 53 dry box tractors, dispatch of shipments to the north and south of the USA, air shipments in San Diego and Los Angeles airport.


Documentation and Permits

INBOND documentation (T&E), transit permits in the U.S.A, import permits, bond and ISF documentation, trader and customs agency in Tijuana and Ensenada, documentation (manifests, shippers, T&E).



Warehouse in San Diego and Tijuana, yard in San Diego, transit logistics in ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, customs clearance in San Diego and Los Angeles airports.
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